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My name is Tiffany King i have 8 kids an need help,My daughter an i were doin some food an

mstking started this conversation
My name is Tiffany King i have 8 kids an need help,See my daughter an i were doin some food an other assentails shopping,When someone stole my wallet rite outta my basket when i wasnt looking it only took the a second to do it,now we are about to get evicted from our apartmen,iv spend 2 days calling around to get help from churches or anywere i could call but now im outta time cause this phone i am on is bout to get turned off anytime now cause no money to pay it ,my kids aint ganna have a christmas this year mayb not even a home,its so sad that someone can steal from a family that is barely making it through now not at all,any asistance would b greatly appreciated we are not picky but we do need a home an food,if at all possible a good christmas but we would just b happy with a home ,so thanks for reading an bless all your home,& Happy Holidays
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mstking   in reply to MichaelsMomma
Live in albuquerque New Mexico
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keepingthefaithinfl   in reply to Berthealy2006
Get some rest Bert. Hopefully those seeking help will take the time to look around so if we miss them they find information. It's on here <3
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mstking   in reply to MichaelsMomma
No im n albuq. n.m. i wish i could get it,it would so helpful
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mstking   in reply to Berthealy2006
Yes i did,but thank,i have tried churches,but i will try ur suggestions thank u
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Hi I am so sorry to hear about the trouble you are having, if you make a police report it will at least stop the eviction, I am not sure how or if it could help with anything else but you could try to show them the Police report. hope this is helpful annie46
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Berthealy2006   in reply to keepingthefaithinfl
No problem...thank you....I'm getting tired so appreciate any copy and pasting :)
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keepingthefaithinfl   in reply to Berthealy2006
Bert, so I don't leave anything out I am just going to copy and paste. I think you have it all rounded up here for the newbies. Thank you for your postings and answering so many. You are amazing!
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i have big tote of food are you in michigan by chance?
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Did u call and cancel ALL your personal information?If you are in need, please contact or you need help for holidays please contact your local school and see what programs or services they offer, call churches toys for tots has been extended in some states until December 8, don't stop there, call police departments, firehalls, radio and tv stations. Unfortunately this is a support site so no money is available just by asking for it...keep the faith, don't give up....God Bless....for those asking for trees, try posting a wanted ad on craigslist. Also check other sites like check resources on Santa
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